About Us

About Us

Packaging is about the art of presentation. Good packaging not only holds your product, it also dresses it and creates a positive and lasting first impression with your customers.  For over thirty years the PremierNorthPak team has been assisting our customers with packaging solutions that enhance the look and feel of their products.

Our extensive range of over 4,000 products which include cups, plates, cartons, boxes, trays, containers, bags and much more. We also compliment our packaging range with essential food service products such as disposable cutlery, condiments and cleaning products. Our own Perfect Choice brand is fast becoming the industry favourite for commercial cleaning products.  PremierNorthPak enjoys relationships with an impressive list of quality suppliers allowing us to access the latest innovations and products as they become available.   

Most importantly, we take a genuine interest in assisting your business becoming more prominent and successful through the use of innovative packaging.  Our company specialises in assisting our customers market their own business brand by providing custom printed and where necessary custom sized packaging.  We employ packaging consultants who have years of valuable industry experience which our customers can leverage and benefit from.  We pride ourselves in the time that we invest to ensure that your organisation is completely satisfied and in return we have customer relationships that span over twenty years and new relationships that promise the same longevity.

PremierNorthPak has earned a reputation of being a highly dependable and a quality customer focussed organisation.  We provide prompt and regular delivery services with many of our customers utilising us as their ‘one-stop-shop’ for all of their food packaging, disposable cutlery, condiments and cleaning products.   Whilst we offer electronic ordering through the internet and fax the size of our organisation enables us to also arrange for regular visits or calls from our sales team.   We can arrange for your business to be either called at an agreed time every week or fortnight or even arrange to have one of our experienced representatives’ to call on you at regular intervals to assist with your order placement. We will also include your business in one of our regular delivery runs to ensure you get your products delivered at a time that best suits you.